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Photobooth 2.0!

It’s here! Photobooth 2.0. Forged from a custom-made artist’s easel, my new photobooth is cutting down on fluff and fluffing up on form. and forming up.. on.. shape. Anyway. Single button operation, and all the glitz and pedigree of Booth 1.0, and it’s PURDY.


After months of planning and weeks of building, it’s finally in service! My Photobooth (snazzier name T.B.A.) is live and available for action. If you’ve got an event, this booth is an awesome addition to the festivities. It is, by design, the best photobooth in all of New England. Features include:

  • Easy One-Button Interface.
  • Powered by Full-Frame 21-Megapixel Canon Camera.
  • Optional Portrait or Wide-Angle Lenses.
  • Up to 8 people at once!
  • Professional Studio Light Setup with Skin-softening Modifiers. Essentially a fashion shoot in a box!
  • 5 Optional Backgrounds: Elegant Red, Matte Black, Cloud Grey, 90′s Yearbook LASERS, and Pearl White.
  • Realtime Mirror Monitor.
  • Quick On-site Printing with Guest and Host Copies.
  • Props Included! Hats, Masks, Blow-Up Dinosaurs, EVEN MULLETS!
  • Digital Copy of all images, and custom event website.
  • ALWAYS an On-Site Attendant.

This is the highest resolution (by 10 Megapixels), most accomodating, most flattering, and easiest to use Photobooth in New England, and it’s STILL hundreds of dollars less than our nearest competitor. Booking info coming soon!